Bring Out Your Buried Treasures

Do you have personal or family treasured items that you’re not exactly sure how to incorporate into your home design?

A good rule of thumb is to group like things together. So let’s say you collect plates, Lladro figurines, specialty mugs, etc. You would not want these strewn about your home, but grouped and artfully displayed so they make the greatest impact.  In addition, you may have something treasured from a family member that you might like to display but are not sure where or how to do this.

Case in point:  I was at a client’s home and we were discussing how to treat an important wall that was like a crossroad to the foyer, kitchen and family room. We were brainstorming, and then she showed me a drawer that was filled full of some very old copper molds and some oversized copper keys that were handed down from her grandfather.  As it turns out, her color scheme was plum and terracotta tones, so the copper worked in nicely.  I had them framed with a shadowbox-like effect on soft toned velvet with gold framing.  They have hung on this wall for the past 15 years.  Later she found some old Victorian greeting cards from her grandmother and we did a small grouping in her bedroom. 

I myself found that my husband had a collection of German steins passed down from his father that he kept packed away in a box; so I grouped them on our bookshelf along with other personal memorabilia. This made him very happy.  I am not found of clutter; however, I do think family treasures can add ambience and character to a home. Bookshelves are a great place to put things that are meaningful, as well as hallway walls  that lead to bedrooms. They are a great place for old family photos as well as treasured items. 

Do you need more accessories?  Before you rush out on a shopping spree, check and see what might be lurking about in those old attic boxes or perhaps something stuffed away in a drawer.  You might stumble upon a treasure!

A collection of framed copper molds and keys on display






A treasured stein collection – out of the storage box, and now on display






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