Design Plea: In Defense of Drapery

The color palette and draperies in this air-conditioned sunroom reflect this client’s fearless desire for color. We delivered with a bold scheme of persimmon, orange, lime green, and fuchsia and turned this room into a favorite gathering place for entertaining and TV watching.

Draperies for Sunroom

It was a challenge to find durable fabrics that were also playful with deep vibrant hues. I chose an ultra-suede for the lower portion of the drapery and contrasted the top in an indoor/outdoor colorful plaid. The weight of the fabrics draped well together and the satin finish of the ultra-suede worked well with the soft finish on the acrylic plaid. The casual ripple fold allowed for a minimal stack back that was easy to operate.

There are so many aspects of design I love: from designing a bathroom and space-planning a room to creating custom drapery and selecting the perfect furnishings for clients – and everything in between.

Having a passion for fabrics and a background in textiles, it’s natural for me to want to create beautiful window treatments. On the other hand, perhaps it was that scene in “Gone with the Wind” when Scarlett dramatically ripped down the drapery that piqued my interest!

Over the years, I have found that just the right drapery can become the connecting design element that is needed to complete a space. Of course there are times when doing nothing on a window may be the best solution, or something as simple as installing a shutter. In most settings, drapery can be like underlining a sentence and punctuating what’s in the room. Generally I find that drapery fabrics and style evolve after other elements of the room have been determined. Draperies can be strictly decorative by adding color, texture and warmth to a space. They can also be functional by blocking out light and helping with energy consumption.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of receiving national awards for some of my drapery designs. In the sunroom picture below, the lime green ultra-suede fabric along with the colorful indoor/outdoor plaid are resistant to sun damage and can open and close depending on television viewing. In addition, the color pulls together all the other elements in the room.

My design in the elegant condo photo creates strong vertical lines with an architectural presence giving both warmth and color to the space without interfering with the view.

And in the traditional terra cotta-and-gold-toned room, the oversized quilted cornices and panels (nearly 20 feet tall), transformed the space adding warmth, texture and color.

Each room with windows has its own drapery design story that ultimately depends on the view, the size of the window, the function of the space and of course the client’s taste.

This living room’s draperies are elegant and work perfectly with the layout of the space.

The draperies in this great room are dramatic and beautiful, and follow its existing architectural features. The end result provides a true “wow” factor!


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