Design Tip: A Touch of Glass Adds Glamour to Your Interior Space

This glass-top nightstand features a blown-glass lamp.

Be creative and use glass as a backsplash!

Inlaid glass tiles can look exquisite in an aggregate floor.

Another example of a glass mosaic tile from the same project …

June 11, 2012

My love affair with glass began when I was a young girl. When setting the table for family holidays, I couldn’t wait to place each piece of stemware and watch how they captured the light. Being in Venice recently reminded of just how versatile, beautiful and exciting glass can be. It wasn’t until the first century B.C. that the technique of glassblowing was used. This technique spread and made Venice one of the leading cities for glassmakers today.

I am fortunate as an interior designer to be able to use glass in many different applications. Glass is a very creative and fashionable medium in design. Usually transparent, it can be translucent or opaque. Bisazza glass mosaics have been used in areas such as pools, kitchen and baths. I recently inlaid 12” x 12” richly colored opaque glass mosaics in an aggregate floor. The end result was stunning!

If you want to be creative and practical at the same time, use glass as a backsplash! Glass can be back-painted and carved in subtle or even outrageous, colorful ways. Back-painting and carving can also be used to create beautiful tables. You can select from standard green glass or star fire, which has a colorless edge.

When renovating your bathroom, there are innumerable glass tiles from which to select, whether for the floors, walls or countertops. Instead of the traditional shower door, consider a carved glass panel. These are usually 32” to 36” wide and can be stationary or pivoted.

Mirror is simply glass that has been coated on one side with a reflective material. For a show house in which I was a participating designer, I had the border of a vanity mirror carved to mimic the hearts and flowers quilting pattern on the bedding and cornices. I also back-painted the mirrored vanity top for an eye-catching, complementary look.

Glass can give you an opportunity to personalize your home. This amorphous substance that has been around since the third millennium B.C. is found from the windows in our homes to fashionable jewelry and many things in between. Whether your taste is Tiffany, Lalique or Chihuly, add some glass to your interior and enjoy this gorgeous, timeless medium!


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