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Finding the Perfect Outdoor Containers


May 14, 2012

Because planting season is here, I thought you might be in the market for some containers. Remember to go larger than you think and try to pull in one of the finishes of your exterior. For example, if you have oiled-rubbed bronze lighting then try to find a similar finish for your containers or something in the brown family. In this photo, the gray deck and black-and-white railings work nicely with the silver planters. Notice they are oversized.

I recommend using flowers and materials that bring the inside of your home out and visa-versa. I love integrating colors from both views. The lime green sweet potato vines’ tones play well off the lime green interior. Place potted herbs here and there, which are both decorative and useful. Adding plant life to your space is uplifting and acts as a reminder of just how special nature is!