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Beautiful Bookcases

April 30, 2012

I am so excited to begin my blogging journey! As a professional interior designer, I’ve been creating beautiful spaces along with advising clients on living beautifully for more than 25 years. I have much to share with you and am looking forward to giving monthly design tips that alternate with home entertainment ideas (including some favorite recipes).

This month, let’s start with something that can often begin as a monumental task: How to accessorize and treat bookcases. Bookcases can add tremendous depth and charm to a room. It is where family personality can live, along with collections of favorite things from past travels, family heirlooms, precious photographs and of course … books!  To complete the bookcases in the photo below, this is what I did:

I used the client’s personal collection of books and then added to them, keeping in mind family interests such as gardening, history, music and architecture, etc. My husband suggested a local discount bookstore. I stacked the books both vertically and horizontally by subject and within the subject by color. The client and I scoured the house for a variety of crystal they had collected over the years, grouping them together, adding some additional pieces from local resale shops in Hinsdale and La Grange. The plates on the top shelf (also found in a resale shop) ina brown and white toile pattern, added some charm that was needed. Picture frames were placed here and there (soon to be filled), along with a few additional family pieces. Bookcases are also a prime spot to display art since people are naturally drawn to a great piece of work, whether it’s traditional, contemporary or transitional.

We transformed the bookcases from a conservative white to a delicious chocolate brown, picking up the color in the room’s custom wool rug. The flanking bookcase was treated the same way but we mirror-imaged all the items. You would be surprised how in your own home you may already have some great things to display. Recently my husband showed me his father’s collection of vintage steins from Germany. Instead of packing them away, they now reside in our bookcase, representing one of his childhood memories of a time spent in Europe.

Try to explore different options when accessorizing your bookcase. Add items of various sizes, shapes, weights, patterns, colors and materials — and make sure they reflect who you are as an individual or family!


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